Uncover new data
and growth options

Photo taken in Montreal, June 2014


Independent Consultant

I work with companies and investors of all sizes to provide a fresh, unbiased look at markets, competitors and growth options.


Market & Growth Strategist

I take thick slice views of industries and ecosystems to provide continuous innovation ideas.


McGill University

Since 2012, I guest-lecture on creating business plans and offer on-going mentoring to McGill’s MBA students.

Increase Marketing ROI by 20%

“McKinsey analysis of more than 250 engagements over five years has revealed that companies that put data at the center of the marketing and sales decisions improve their marketing return on investment (MROI) by 15 – 20 percent.”

—– McKinsey

Photo taken on trip to Mount Everest Base Camp, May 2010

Sample Work Clips

Creating Decision Support Materials

Market mapping, ecosystem views, new opportunities, gap discovery, go-to-market options, marketing due diligence and more…


Photo taken in Montreal, June 2014

Occasional Insights